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Free Assessment

Everyone has a different background and experience. ConnectU Immigration Consultancy is here to provide a tailor-made immigration plan which is suitable only for you and your family. We will evaluate your personal experience, preferences, budgets, and other factors in order to create detail and practical immigration plan, which assists you to either immigrate or study in Canada.


Resume (CV), academic transcripts and IELTS report (if applicable), once we have collected these documents, your initial immigration assessment will be ready within 24 to 48 hours. Please provide some information and upload the applicable documents for our team to follow up on your inquiry.


Upload documents below (PDF or JPE, less than 15MB)


1) Resume or CV (For Immigration and Vocational Education)


2) Academic Transcripts (For Study and Vocational Education)


3) Language test result (e.g. IELTS, if applicable)

General Training module for Immigration

Academic module for Study and Vocational Education

Resume / CV
Academic Transcripts
Language Test Result

I agree that ConnectU Immigration Consultancy collects my personal information for the purpose of immigration and study planning purpose. Only authorized staffs and related service providers are able to review and contact these information and data.

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